So you’ve packed and planned the adventure of a lifetime. The day has finally come to head to your destination and get on that flight — BUT...the plane barely has any legroom and the seats are extremely uncomfortable. You’ve got a long flight ahead of you and the excitement for your trip is quickly starting to fade. What you need is a travel comfort pack!

A travel comfort pack is a self made bag of things to keep you comfortable, help you sleep, and feel fresh on your long flight. With everything in one place there’s no need to rummage through your carry on and bother other passengers either. Now, you can arrive at your destination looking and feeling your best and ready to head on your adventure.

1. Noise canceling headphones or earplugs

Noise cancelling headphones or earplugs are a must. Plane noise, chatting passengers, and crying babies can cause anyone to want to pull out their hair. A pair of headphones that cancel the sound around you will help you forget where you are.

TIP: Play a relaxing/soothing playlist to tune out the plane noise so you can get some sleep

2. Inflatable Travel Pillow (Inflatable)

Finding the right top quality travel pillow makes all the difference when it comes to travelling in comfort. When finding a pillow for your adventures, look out for one that is specially designed for travelling and offers the best neck support on the go. We suggest investing in an inflatable travel pillow that will flatten out when not in use. These will fit easily in your carry-on bag and won’t take up too much space. 

3. Foot rest

A foot rest isn’t something you think of right away when packing but rest assured once you whip this baby out the first time you’ll be head over heels (pun intended) and wonder how you managed to go this long without one. The benefits of a foot rest on a long flight are endless. Not only does it provide comfort by taking the pressure off your lower back, but having your feet slightly raised aids in circulation and reduces any swelling or joint pain that may occur during a long flight. We suggest getting one that is portable and easy to install. Opting for an inflatable foot rest is also a great option because comfort shouldn’t mean sacrificing luggage space.

4. Light Blocking Sleeping Mask

So you’ve cancelled out noise (check), you’ve brought along an inflatable pillow (check), foot pain on a plane is a thing of the past (check), but just as you’re getting ready to sleep your fellow passenger decides to lift up the window shades to get a better view. As the glare begins to blind you, you suddenly remember you packed your light blocking sleeping mask thanks to your travel comfort pack. Phew! Crisis averted. When packing a sleeping mask, it’s worth investing in a slightly pricier one that sits away from your eyes and has eye cavities built into the mask. This means that rather than pushing on your eyelids, your eyes will be unobstructed during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, so you’ll get a deeper sleep.

5. Compact Blanket

One minute you’re sleeping comfortably and the next you are freezing your butt off. Flights can become chilly, so packing a blanket is key to keeping warm and comfortable on a flight. It is always best to pack your own blanket because often times they’re not provided or can be very thin.

TIP: To save space, use your jacket or sweater to double as a blanket.

6. Compression socks

Hours of limited movement and chilly plane air can be hard on your feet leaving your feet swollen or asleep. Compression socks are a great essential to pack to avoid all this. They promote blood circulation and provide much needed insulation on a long flight.

TIP: Wear your compression socks rather than packing them, not only will you save space but won’t disturb other passengers when you decide to pull out your lovely feet (which we’re sure they are).

7. Collapsible Water Bottle

Airplanes have strange effects on your body because of the low humidity levels. You’ll find yourself reaching for water as much as possible. Pack a collapsible water bottle that you can take through security empty and then fill up once inside (say goodbye to paying absurd amounts for a bottle of water at the airport!). Once you’re done, collapse it to fit easily into a backpack or small bag.

8. Portable Phone Charger

Using your device is a great way to battle boredom on a flight, but the last thing you want is to run out of battery power. Carrying a portable charger in your travel comfort pack means you’ll rest easy knowing you won’t run out of power. Since portable phone chargers are small in size you can be sure they won’t take up much space either.

9. Hands Free Phone/Tablet Accessories (Tablet stand)

Having to hold your phone or tablet while watching entertainment can get tiring on a long flight. Instead we suggest going hands free with a stand for your device. There are many stands available on the market. Look for one that can strap to the seat in front of you so your eyes don’t get tired from looking down. That way you won’t have to worry about getting interrupted every time your tray table has to go up.

10. Portable Humidifier

Remember your need to chug down as much water as possible because of the low humidity levels of the plane. Well your throat isn’t the only thing that will dry up on a plane. The low humidity levels can wreak havoc on your skin and nose too. We suggest bringing along a portable humidifier that can be attached to the mouth of a water bottle or dropped in a glass of water.

TIP: Bring along a facial mask after you’ve humidified to get a spa experience before you reach your destination!

11. Cable Organizer

Rummaging through your bag for your phone cable can be a nuisance especially as the passengers around you are trying to sleep. Avoid making enemies on the plane by packing a cable organizer where you can roll up all your cables and electronics into one neat and compact bag.

12. Seat Cushion

Now that your top half is comfortable, focus on the lower half of your body. One of the reasons why sleeping on a plane is so difficult is because when you are not fully reclined it puts pressure on your spine. Sitting on a cushion helps in combating this problem and can make a world of a difference in how you sleep on your flight. We suggest trying a u-shaped inflatable cushion that suspends your tailbone, relieves pressure on your spinal cord, and makes airplane seats feel a lot less like airplane seats.

Way to go passenger, your travel comfort pack has come in handy! Maybe you’ve even started to look forward to your flight back! (...maybe)

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